Speakers Circle Singapore
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The alternative to toastmasters. Our Speakers Circle is a community of people that want support and motivation to improve their public speaking.

Sick of stale, standardised training that doesn't help your individual concerns?
Tried (and failed) to get over stage fright by reading books and watching TED talks?
Want to get feedback from people outside of your own team?

Lead by expert Presence and Impact coach, Victoria Mintey, we come together to practise our storytelling, speech giving, solemnising, soliloquising - any kind of speaking that puts you in front of an audience. Our meetings have an informal, friendly vibe and are full of lively discussion. With instant coaching and feedback and audience impressions at your fingertips at every Speakers Circle meeting you can become a more natural speaker, learn to think on your feet and flex your style for any occasion.

Follow Speakers Circle Singapore to find out about our next meeting. Contact Victoria for more information www.victoriamintey.com

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